Adult Capoeira

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Teens (ages 13-18) are also welcome to take adult classes.

Special for Beginners: 1 month of unlimited Intro & Conditioning Classes - $49 

Special for Experienced Capoeiristas: 1 month of unlimited Level 1 Classes - $69.50 - Buy online


Intro & Conditioning Program 

Duration: 30 minute classes for 2-4 weeks

Curriculum: learn 5 core basic capoeira moves that condition you for the Level l program.

Next Curriculum: Level l

Your capoeira practice is built on the five core moves that you will learn in Intro & Conditioning. Feel the benefits, wisdom and magic of capoeira. The 30 minute classes are designed to give you the greatest conditioning in the shortest amount of time. Based on your progress, your instructors will invite you to participate in the Level l Program.

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Level 1 Program (Light Green Cord)

Duration: 45 & 30 minute classes x 1-2 years

Curriculum: 13 basic moves including five circular kicks, combinations, plus the first five sequences of attacks and escapes with a partner. Music lessons with capoeira instruments and how to play the game of capoeira inside the circle is part of Level l. 

Next Curriculum: Level ll

The Level l program teaches the art of capoeira flow. In capoeira we do not block, we duck out of the way of attacks and in our escapes, we counterattack. We don’t “fight” or “spar,” we play. A good capoeira game is a continuous, flowing dialogue that is both competitive and cooperative.

Level II Program (Dark Green)

Duration: 1-2 years

Curriculum: New movements and combinations to master balance, strength and control. Sequences 6-10.

Next Curriculum: Level lll

Level ll develops great upper body strength and balance. 

Level III & IV Program (Green-Yellow & Yellow)

Duration: 2-4 years

Curriculum: Advanced kicks and take towns. Sequences 11-15. Levels lll & lV develop speed, power, reflexes and precision. 

Next Curriculum: Teachers and Leaders Program

Levels lll & lV emphasize higher level self defense techniques. You develop a keen level of control so that you can play fast without accidents or injuries.

TLP: Teaching & Leadership Program (Yellow)

Develop effective teaching and leadership skills. Our Teaching and Leadership Program explores, through hands-on experience, the art, craft and science of teaching capoeira to adults and to children.

Level V (Yellow-Blue)
Level Vl (Blue)

Level V & VI advanced curriculum includes:

  • Capoeira academy leadership
  • Event leadership
  • Retreats and study in Brazil
  • Private and semi-private advanced training and development
  • Visits to local and international capoeira academies and events
  • Historical and cultural research projects
  • Portuguese language lessons


VIDEO: Getting started in capoeira, what you will be practicing in your first classes

VIDEO: Capoeira Games - How we play and flow

Our Cord System

Cru (raw, no cord): 6 months - 1 year to get the light green

Light Green: 1-2 years of training

Dark Green: 1-3 years

Green-Yellow: 2-4 years

Yellow (Monitor): 2-5 years

Yellow-Blue (Instrutor) 3-5 years

Blue (Professor) 3-5 years

Green-Yellow-Blue (Professor): 3-5 years

Green-Yellow-Blue-White (Contra-Mestre): 3-5 years

Green-White (Mestre, Degree 1): 3-5 years

Yellow-White (Mestre, Degree 2): 3-5 years

Blue-White (Mestre, Degree 3): 3-5 years

White (Mestre, Degree 4)