Children's Capoeira

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Monkey Night event on Saturday, December 8!

The New York Mindful Capoeira Center will be closed on the following dates:

11/22-11/25 - Thanksgiving Weekend
12/24-12/27 - Christmas
12/29/18-1/1/19 - New Year’s

***FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28th, 2018 (12/28):
4:30-5:30PM - ALL AGES (3-12 years) KID’S CLASS
5:30-6:30PM - TEEN’S CLASS***

First class is free!  We want you and your children to experience the magic of capoeira!

Girls and boys love capoeira! Our program develops FDR – focus, discipline and respect – and WLC – wellness, leadership and community. We are supportive and inclusive and look forward to welcoming you and your children to our center.

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Teen Capoeira classes

All teens are invited to take adult classes, especially the Saturday classes with Zach "Mosquitinho" already popular with the teens.

Mestre Ombrinho, a master teacher and head instructor at the center, is a leader and pioneer in teaching capoeira to children of all ages and abilities. Our team of teachers have years of experience teaching youth at our center and in NYC schools.