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Capoeira Performance & Children's Graduation

1:00 - 1:45 Capoeira Performance

1:45 - 2:30 Children's Graduation 

2:30 - 3:00 Cord Awarding & Photos

3:00 - 3:30 Bake Sale

fee: $40 - includes admission for immediate family and child's cord - Prepay online here

You may pay $40 and/or you may raise the money from our CapoeiraThon

All families will be given 4 tickets (valued at $10 each) for you and/or your child to sell. The tickets admit guests to see the performance at 1:00pm.


We are hosting a 5 hour capoeira roda (circle) on Sunday, May 28 to raise funds for our Festival and for our Teen Program. You and/or your child are invited to raise money for the CapoeiraThon whether you participate or not. If people give $10 or more, they can get a ticket to see the Performance on Saturday, June 10. All families will get a CapoeiraThon packet with info.

Capoeira Performance

Maculelê Warrior Stick dance featuring the mestres and our Macuelê children

Percussion by master percussionists

Capoeira games with the mestres

Children's Graduation

Your child will play visiting guest mestres and capoeira teachers to culminate their practice

Cord Awarding & Photos

All children will receive their first/next cord. Opportunity to photograph our children, the mestres and our community together!

Bake Sale

Please bake something Yummy and Nutritious to donate for our bake sale! Let me know what you plan to bake/bring. Thank you!


Teens? Teen will be graduating Sunday from 1-2pm. fee: $40. Teens can also participate in the event all day Saturday and Sunday.

What if my child cannot be there Saturday, June 10? Your child can come Sunday 1-2pm (best) or we will award them their cord in class the week following the event.





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