Frequently Asked Questions - Adults

What do I wear? Is there a dress code?
Wear loose pants and a clean T-shirt. Be prepared to be barefoot. You will take your shoes and socks off in the hallway before you begin.

What should I expect when I come in for a class?

When you arrive on the third floor, you will be welcomed by the receptionist who will take care of you.

1. You will fill out an online waiver on our iPad.
2. The receptionist will explain how the class works and introduce you to the teacher.
3. The teacher will take you into the room and explain how the class works.

Can I just show up? Do I need to register online?

Yes, you can just show up, though it is best to register online so we know that you’re coming.

Will I be embarrassed by how bad I am? (I can’t do a cartwheel, I have no upper body strength, I can’t dance, etc.)

Regardless of your current abilities, we will be honored to work with you. A master is a beginner who never quit.

The teachers give you individualized attention throughout your first class. Any time during class, feel free to stop and catch your breath. (We're not trying to kill you. You'll build endurance with time.)


Feel free to call us at any time at 212 677 2209.