First Children’s Class

What do I need to know for the first class?

1. The first class is free.
2. Call or email: It is best to call or email to let us know which class you and your child are planning to attend.
3. Arrive 10 minutes early. The receptionist will take care of you and will answer any questions. You will fill out a simple waiver.

What does my child wear?

Your child should wear loose pants and a clean T-shirt. They will be barefoot in the room.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. Please call for more information.

My child is especially shy. Will this be an issue?

Your child will be in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our teaching staff is trained to support shy children.

Are parents allowed to watch?

Yes. You may go in the room and observe your child on the first day and participate in any of the activities that he or she chooses.


Feel free to call us at anytime at 212 677 2209