Intro & Conditioning Class Testimonials

Alexandra M.

A good first capoeira experience!

I went there on Sunday, and it was just a class of two with a great instructor. The instructor, Jimmy, was very pleasant. He explained all the steps patiently, though he still pushed me (perfect because I was exhausted by the 25th minute and just wanted to rest). I was worried that it wouldn't be worth attending a "mere" 30 minute class, but you will certainly get a workout; climbing down the three flights of stairs after the class was scary on my shaky legs! So all in all, I think it was a great introduction to capoeira, good location, kind people, and effective. I definitely plan to go back to the introductory class; no shame in taking it a couple times, right?


Kate V.

I would definitely recommend the 30 minute introductory class. The instructor did a good job explaining and showing how to do the basic moves. The class is easy to follow for beginners. They limit the size of the class and everybody has their own "circle" drawn on the floor so the room doesn't get too crowded and you can actually see what the instructor is doing. I had no idea what I was doing, but fortunately it seemed like most people were still learning too.

Maki O.

This was my very first capoeira class and I really enjoyed it! First time, I was thinking like only 30 minutes? But it was wrong, it was so intensive class, I sweat a lot even now with the cold weather! Now I feel so good after. I would love to come back again , it was good new experience.


Natalia R.

This was my first experience with capoeira and it didn't disappoint. The class is very physically intense but the instructor makes it feel doable and fun. The class size is small which is perfect because the instructor walks around and helps you and corrects your poses. I really enjoyed the class and got a great work out. I will definitely be back.


Michael B.

Capoeira is better than Obamacare in several ways!
This unique multicultural approach to conditioning and martial arts is a great way to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination, and confidence, simultaneously. While this fitness system can be inherently challenging, the rewards for accomplishment are significant. The instructors are true professionals as well - competent, courteous, and encouraging; while always giving safety top priority.