Thai Massage Drop-in Classes @ the New York Capoeira Center

with Al Turner II, LMT, NMT, RTT  
Every last Sunday of every month 5:30-7:00pm - $20

May 29, 2016

June 26

July 31

A special intro to Thai Massage will be led by Al Saturday, April 24 from 6:00 - 6:30pm - $10.

This interactive, hands-on drop-in Thai massage class offers the unique opportunity to give and receive with step by step coaching by Al.

What is Thai Massage?

Affectionately known as ‘yoga for the lazy person’, Thai massage is an ancient form of healing with origins in Eastern medicine that will benefit both giver and receiver with its integration of stretch, massage, self-care and energetic balancing.

Safe guided partner stretch and non-invasive acupressure massage techniques are applied directly to help concerns with muscle tightness, joint inflexibility, headaches, back pain, fatigue, anxiety and stress, shoulder and neck problems and dis-ease in the body such as digestive, menstrual and degenerative concerns. Professionals in dance, martial arts, yoga, physical therapy, Chiropractic and nursing as well at home self-care enthusiasts utilize this as a form of relaxation, rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

Teacher Bio

Al Turner II, LMT, NMT, RTT, is an internationally recognized teacher of Thai Massage and a professor and clinical supervisor of Massage Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Queens Borough Community College in New York. Al also comes from a professional dance background; teaching modern dance at Eastern New Mexico University and Simonson Jazz Technique at Dance Space in NYC. Al’s private therapeutic practice of two souls thai massage offers treatments and a variety of trainings in Thai massage including: prenatal, abdominal, energetic stretch and massage and couples; all taught in the traditional form.

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